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BTEC Tech Award Business & Enterprise (Pearson)

In BTEC Enterprise we aim to provide students with essential skills and knowledge to prepare them for the next step in their lives, whether that be further education, training or the workplace. For those that have selected to study a vocational course, we want them to fully experience an insight into the breadth of knowledge, skills and capabilities a study of business and enterprise provides and be able to apply this to real enterprises. 

All businesses need enterprising employees to drive their organisations forward, to have ideas and initiatives to instigate growth, and to ensure that businesses survive in this fast-changing world. Enterprise is a key government focus and is set to form an important part of the UK’s global economic status, both now and in the future. Enterprise skills provide a fantastic progression pathway into a number of roles in an organisation and are transferable into all businesses. Study of this sector at Key Stage 4 will complement GCSE study through providing an opportunity for practical application alongside conceptual study. There are also strong opportunities for post-16 progression in this sector. 

The BTEC Enterprise course is for learners who wish to acquire knowledge and skills through vocational contexts by studying the knowledge, behaviours and skills related to researching, planning, pitching and reviewing an enterprise idea as part of their Key Stage 4 learning. The qualification enables learners to develop their technical skills, such as market research skills, planning, promotional and financial skills using realistic work scenarios, and personal skills, (such as monitoring own performance, time management and problem solving) through a practical and skills-based approach to learning and assessment. Learners will acquire knowledge, understanding and skills to underpin their practical activities in assessment, which will complement their GCSEs. The qualification will broaden their experience and understanding of the varied progression options available to them.  

Our curriculum naturally consists of engaging, knowledge-rich subject content which can bring the real-world to life for our students. The BTEC Enterprise course involves teaching students topics relevant to the business world such as accounting and marketing. However, in the 21st century, it also involves training students in the softer skills such as leadership and teamwork, as well as a range of business and financial knowledge, skills and capability which can be used in the event of them choosing to run their own business, but also as an employee and a consumer. 

Further to knowledge, the purpose of BTEC Enterprise is to develop analytical and evaluation skills, therefore enabling them to develop a range of skills that can be applied to other aspects of life.    

The enthusiastic team of dedicated teaching staff delivering the course are driven to provide students with the transferable skills they will need to be successful in this ever-developing technological world we live in. The subject naturally lends itself to supporting students in their other studies around the school and into their futures, including many links to numeracy and literacy.  Our curriculum has been developed to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, zest as well as independence through project work.    

In conclusion, BTEC Enterprise provides the required theory, explains it through practice and real-life case studies and helps to raise new generations of skilful, informed and responsible citizens prepared for life in modern Britain.