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“Music lessons are a good balance between practical music and theory. Music is creative, fun and inspirational. My confidence has really grown by studying music.”

Year 10 student

    We offer Music as an option at KS4 and in years 7, 8 & 9 students at AGS study music twice on their two week timetable. Within key stage 3, students study a wide variety of genres, styles and techniques covering three main areas of study, these are composition, performance and listening & understanding. Composition is a creative process where students will make their own songs, music & lyrics in a range of ways. Performance allows students to push themselves out of their comfort zone by building confidence by working collaboratively to produce a musical performance for their peers. Listening & understanding explores music of different genres, styles and eras where students develop an appreciation of different cultures and a deeper understanding of the theory behind the music.

    Music does not only support those students who wish for a career in the music industry, it also develops key transferable and employability skills needed regardless of their chosen career path. Skills such as communication, expression, commitment, direction, teamwork, organisation, initiative, perseverance and respect are integral aspects of music lessons at AGS.

    We have two music classrooms with a variety of musical instruments, as well as, practice rooms and rehearsal spaces. We also have a number of visiting music instructors who provide lessons in instruments ranging from drums to violin.

    Students can also participate in a number of musical extra-curricular activities. One of these is our AGS choir, which is new for September 2021 with students from all year groups working and performing together.