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“I love that we get to learn about product design which has changed history, like the television and mobile phone.”

Year 11 student

    We aim to make using technology fun, exciting and relevant to equip students with skills for life, ensuring every student is valued and can achieve their full potential.

    We provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment, enabling students to make a positive contribution, not only in lessons and our faculty, but across the whole school.

    The aim of the Resistant Materials and Graphics Products is to support students to develop knowledge and understanding of a broad range of practical skills and techniques, both graphically on paper, in relation to actual ‘resistant materials’ i.e. metal, plastic, wood, electronic components and circuits. Resistant Materials and Graphic Products are popular subjects and students have the opportunity to be creative and independent.

    Students can also explore their design creativity in their folder work and express themselves graphically in the form of sketches and drawings. Students gain experience of working co-operatively and safely in a workshop environment.