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Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance ensures students reach their full potential, both academically and socially, leading to positive life chances in the future. Did you know that your child’s academic success can be directly linked to the number of days absence your child has from school? Statistics show that 10 days absence from school in a year could equate to underachievement by half a grade in each subject. So what can you do to ensure your child has the best possible chance to succeed?

What is good and excellent attendance? 96% is the minimum expected attendance at Acklam Grange School. 

Green/Amber/Red  Attendance (%) No of days absent
Green (Excellent) 97 less than 6 days
Amber 95 10 days
Red 90 19 days
Red 85 29 days
Red 80 38 days

Know the procedures:

Less than 90% attendance leads to attendance procedures, fines and/or court action.

Contact school on each day of absence.

We will text you to inform you of any student absence.

Students can come to school later in the day if they feel unwell on a morning.

Keep appointments outside of school hours where possible.

School policy is not to authorise holidays during term time.

Students arriving late to school will be given a 15 minute detention at breaktime that day.

Any students who have queries should speak to their Year Office during break or lunch times opening hours.


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