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AGS Literacy

AGS Literacy is a platform dedicated to improving standards of literacy both at home and in school. Students, teachers and parents can use AGS Literacy to access a range of support materials to assist in the development of outstanding literacy skills.

The website features the following areas:

Read to Succeed: We believe that reading for pleasure is intrinsically linked to success. This part of the website keeps you up to date with developments in reading in school; supports you in encouraging reading in the home environment and features reading lists to encourage your child to aspire to read more challenging literature.

The Literacy Toolkit: We want all our students to aim for excellence in the use of literacy across the curriculum. This part of the website features our word of the week; details of subject specialist vocabulary and gives you access to support materials to help students develop a sophisticated vocabulary and improve verbal and written communication.

Literacy ACES: We are exceedingly proud of the creative talents of our students. The Literacy ACES section of the website will enable you to enjoy reading examples of the work produced by our talented students.

Literacy Blog: Keep up to date with our literacy developments in school via our dedicated literacy blog.