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ARC Services

ARC Services is a child-centred, whole school service, which encapsulates the needs of the individual child and ensures that these are catered for in every aspect of their school life.

ARC Services aims to:

* remove barriers to learning
* ensure healthy, happy and resilient students
* coordinate personalised student support packages before, during and beyond their secondary education
* create a caring and supportive environment
* promote equality 
* value diversity
* offer academic, social, emotional and behavioural support

Key Principles of ARC Services: 

Identification– swift and accurate identification of needs is required to generate appropriate support for students.

Communication – staff at all levels require appropriate knowledge about the needs of the student with whom they work to enable effective working relationships.

Provision – we strive to ensure in-house services are well planned and optimise the skills of our staff. We also invest heavily in third party professional services when needs require a more specialist approach.

Respect – we show respect to students and their families, by taking their views into account and working with them to resolve potential barriers.

Diversity – we are privileged to have such a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and faiths within our school community and advocate that true inclusion is only possible when such diversity is positively recognised.

Balance – students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, although we recognise that to achieve this, appropriate advice, support and resources may be necessary in order for success in the mainstream environment.

Accountability – every teacher, within the school, teaches students with an additional or special educational need,  Therefore all teachers have a responsibility and are accountable within ARC Services. 

New ARC Services Staff Structure: coming soon