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Kashmir Education Foundation (KEF)

Over the last 12 years, we have been working in partnership with an organisation called Kashmir Education Foundation based in Rawalpindi (Pakistan) and Bradford (UK). 

KEF has set up many schools in Kashmir and Pakistan, and they also train new teachers at their own Teachers Training Institute to enable them to become high standard teachers.  The Kashmir Education Foundation (KEF) is a non-profit, non-political, educational trust registered in Pakistan and as a charitable trust in the United Kingdom.  Its primary aim is to make the highest quality education accessible to talented girls and boys from the poor sections of society, with special emphasis on female education.

Our Acklam-Kashmir project was set up through the British Council Pakistan and it aims to raise young students’ awareness of the cultural diversity and promotes understanding among different communities.  It also offers a coherent and strategic way of addressing issues of interest to young students with opportunities for direct participation in collaborative projects.  The partner schools aim to provide an environment where students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding beyond their own experiences and build up their knowledge of the wider world and of different societies and cultures.  We seek to prepare our students to be the citizens of the world.

Two students Haider and Ayesha from Pearl Valley Public school in Rawalakot visited us in 2008 and worked very closely with our students from Years 9 & 10; and had a very busy schedule to follow. They also visited local educational institutes and cultural and heritage centres during their stay in Middlesbrough.

Mr Mehmood visited KEF schools and their Teacher Training Institute in Pakistan on many occasions in the past, and most recently conducted workshops on Teaching and Learning  in October 2018 half term; working closely with the both staff and students. In a separate workshop with the current KEF teaching staff, Mr Mehmood went explained how to utilise and reflect on different approaches to teaching and learning to provide effective learning opportunities for students. Participants seemed more comfortable to engage their students in developmental conversations showing consideration for their emotional, physical and psychological well‐being.

We are hoping to re-launch exchange visits if the security situation improves in Pakistan in the next coming years. KEF management and their staff visit us in school on a regular basis to keep the partnership going and to duplicate the excellent teaching examples at AGS, in their institutes in Pakistan.