Acorn Karate – Taishodo Karate

Acorn Karate is a well established Karate Club affiliated to:

  • Taishodo Karate

  • The English Karate Federation

  • The World Karate Federation

Our instructors range from 7th Dan to 1st Dan.

Safeguarding is our number one priority. We are a child safe club, as registered with the World and European Karate Federations.

The club has Specialist registered coaches.

Training times:

Thursday 19:00-20:15

The sessions are currently £4.00 

New members:  Can you email the club so we can inform you what you will need to bring to your first session


Yearly insurance/licence after 4 weeks     £17.00

(Licence/insurance are required to be held in order to train)

Gradings with certificate & belt held throughout the year    

Continuous assessment training books are provided to help students progress through their grades.

Age from 5 years + (as long as they can take & follow instructions)

Lessons cater for all prospective students.