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  • Challenge For All
  • Challenge For All

‘Challenge For All’ is the mission statement for our curriculum which provides all students, especially our more able, with opportunities to feel challenged and GROW.

The purpose of ‘Challenge For All’ is to encourage independence and challenge through opportunities within the curriculum as well as those that broaden horizons; challenge preconceptions; create more positive mind-sets and encourage students to GROW.

Through the ‘Challenge For All’ curriculum students will access:

  • A curriculum which demands all students’ thinking is stretched and challenged
  • A curriculum of high expectations, where students are shown what excellence is and given knowledge, content and learning strategies to reach this excellence
  • A curriculum based on the principles of repetition and practise to allow for everyone the potential to develop mastery
  • Additional academic accreditation
  • Entry to national competitions
  • Enterprise initiatives both in school and beyond
  • Clubs and experiences both academic and pastoral
  • University visits and careers access
  • Master classes especially within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths