Year 10 Celebrate Difference as Part of their Bespoke PRIDE Curriculum


13 March 2018

Amjid Khazir from Media Cultured (a local social enterprise, specialising in education and training to  deliver positive messages on the rich and diverse nature of 21st century Britain using film and social media,) visited our year 10 students on Tuesday to take part in a Question Time style session which allowed students to pose some pre-planned and challenging questions to a panel. Alongside Amjid on the panel was Samina Mughal, a local magistrate, FE Lecturer and also an Acklam Grange Governor and Nosheen Khan, a Pharmacist also working in the local community.

Our students were able to listen to the inspiring story of Amjid who having tragically suffered the loss of a family member as a result of racism and violence, has chosen to challenge the barriers to community cohesion and integration, particularly amongst young people in the UK. Following this they took on the gauntlet of posing questions, challenging the panel to respond. Year 10 responded to this session with fantastic maturity and enthusiasm, getting involved and offering personal stories which were equally as inspiring as that of the guest speaker.

Following the live session, students consolidated their learning with a ‘Love Your Neighbour’ lesson which looked at similar messages from religious texts and across a wide range of cultures. The outcome of this lesson was for students to produce an art work design to represent the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ message. Love Your Neighbour is a movement that started in Birmingham following the EU referendum, encouraging people and communities to seek to live in harmony, mutual respect and care. It offers a simple yet profound message that we are all called to “love our neighbour”. This includes treating others with respect and kindness, ensuring that our communities are stronger, safer and happier places to live.

We are excited to see some of our winning entries in a town-wide a display arranged by Aging Better Middlesbrough.

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