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  • dance showcase

24 January 2018

A group of very talented Year 11 dancers, recently performed their ensemble piece “Definition of a Woman”. They were inspired by Rosas Danst Rosas to create their own choreography based on the Suffragette Movement.  Each Individual piece explored the different experiences of women during the war.  Some demonstrated the struggle and torture they encountered, however others delineated their strength and courage for the rights of women and their passion to vote.  The piece of work was the culmination of five months dedication and hard work; it  will count towards 50% of the students' overall qualification.

In the words of Ms Darbyshire:

"A dance teacher helps their students find a song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life. You make every day of your dance teacher's life truly inspirational. The evening would not have been possible without every single student who took part, and the support of their families.
Thank you. #AGSPride."


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