Acklam Grange School General Election 2017: The Results

  • Election 2017
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  • Election 2017
  • First Past the Post Results

09 June 2017

'As part of Let's Get Going this week, students have had the opportunity to view, discuss and make a judgement on political policies across 12 key topic areas.  Policies were anonymised to ensure that students were able to make an educated decision with regards to their preferred policy rather than being influenced by a party name.

Following this, all students were encouraged to take part in a mock voting process, replicating the national ballot. It was made clear that they were free to vote for whichever party, regardless of the result given via the policies activity. 

Results were analysed to show the effects of the first past the post electoral system compared with the popular vote and the impact of turnout on the overall result was highlighted.

Students were also allowed to cast a vote for 'none of the above', drawing out the differences between abstaining and actively registering disapproval.

Across all measures, our students resoundingly returned a result for the Labour party.

In a separate vote, 70% of students who voted, would like to see the voting age decrease to 16.  As a school, we will look to debate this further as part of AGS Enquire to highlight the argument for both sides.'

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