Revision and Resources

“It’s not enough to want it. You have to go and get it” – Jacob Robinson, AGS Year 11, Class of 2017


For a bespoke revision timetable personalised for you. Check your home directory via Magellan. Suggested revision resources and websites for each subject are posted at the bottom of this page

  • Make yourself start however much you don’t want to – the hardest bit is over with then!
  • Build in short breaks.
  • Remove distractions – especially technology. Keep a to-do list to revisit during your break.
  • Don’t leave the difficult bits to the end.
  • Focus on what you have done, not all the things that you haven’t – every little helps.
  • Promise yourself little rewards after each session – a favourite TV programme, reading a book or going out with friends.


Seneca - History: AQA GCSE American West & History: AQA GCSE Health & the People

NCFE Cookery

Quiz yourself on Super Six tasks. Get them from Mrs Quinn

GCSE Business

Seneca - Business: Edexcel GCSE

French - Grammar tasks

Religious Studies

Seneca - Religious Studies: Edexcel A GCSE Religions - Christianity and Islam sections

Food Prep. & Nutrition

Seneca - Food Preparation and Nutrition: AQA GCSE


Seneca -Physical Education: AQA GCSE


Seneca - Geography: AQA GCSE

Digital Tech.

Shared documents - ICT - !KS4Revision - Practise Qs from ppt.


Revision booklet tasks. Get it from Miss Romaniuk

Film Studies

Watch key sequences of 'Attack the block' & 'The Wave' on YouTube and make notes


Shared documents - English - !Revision - Pixl - Complete any tasks, check your answers.

English Lit Texts

Seneca - English Lit: AQA GCSE - Macbeth/Jekyll & Hyde/Inspector Calls & Quotations


Pixl Maths App - Paper QLA - AQA - FILTER ON - BLUE HOUSE


Seneca - Biology AQA GCSE


Seneca - Chemistry AQA GCSE


Seneca - Physics AQA GCSE

English Lit Poetry

Seneca - English Lit: AQA GCSE Poetry - Power and Conflict



Where revision could take you...