Former Students; Where are they now?

Ellie Davies

I'm doing ‘A’ levels now and I wouldn't change to something different; Acklam Grange helped me pass English and Maths, even when I thought I'd fail them.  My school helped me learn even more skills, such as ICT.

My advice to current students is to make sure they pass English and Maths because they’re important. If I had to do anything differently I would have revised a bit earlier than I did as you think you have lots of time when really you don't. Take advantage of the revision sessions and support offered, you will be expected to work more independently at college.

Lucy Hutchinson

Since I left Acklam Grange school I've been at sixth form doing ‘A’ Levels. I wouldn't do anything differently because I've been able to pick from a variety of options for ‘A’ Levels; they will help me access better opportunities in the future. My time at Acklam Grange really helped me because all the teachers were extremely supportive and encouraging and they also used their spare time to support us as much as they could.

My advice for current students would be to take revision seriously because you only get out of it what you put in and use after school revision/ support sessions to your advantage. My ambition for the future would be to go to university however I don't know what I want to study yet but I know I've picked versatile ‘A’ Level subjects for when I do decide. Also, if you are thinking of sending your child to Acklam Grange, I would 100% recommend it because it's an amazing school!

Rula Al Karibi

AGS students should make sure they attend revision sessions, AGS gives you the most help you need and you'll realise that when you leave. Acklam Grange helped me decide what I want to do in the future.  

Georgia May Dryden

Take all the support you’re offered in school and attend all revision sessions as it's easier to revise at school than it is at home. You will be expected to work on your own more, at college. I'm currently on a long-term apprenticeship thanks to Acklam Grange helping me pass my GCSEs, and the help and support offered from careers advisor Mr Clement.

Jack McKintyre

I am studying a Level 3 Sports course at Middlesbrough College, If I had to do anything differently I would have made sure I revised even earlier than I started to, because I felt I could've got better results than I did. My time at AGS helped me to mature and the staff helped me to achieve the grades I got.

The advice I would give to current students is to ask for any help you need and don't be afraid to ask.