Preparing for Exams

No doubt this can seem like a very stressful time not just for students but for other members of the family too.    Teachers and support staff will do everything they can to help students at school, it is equally important that students are supported at home so that they can revise in a suitable environment.  

Here are a few ideas for you to help your children: 

  • Remind them to follow the advice of their teachers, they are the experts! Exam and revision techniques will have been covered during lessons
  • Encourage them to draw up a revision timetable; if they stick to it offer rewards
  • Remove distractions during study sessions
  • Reassure them that they are still allowed to have some fun between study sessions
  • Make sure they have all the correct equipment prepared the day before an exam, to avoid last minute panicking
  • Make sure they go to bed at a sensible time the night before an exam; turn their gadgets off at least an hour before they go to sleep and take them out of the bedroom
  • Encourage your son/daughter to eat some breakfast, anything is better than nothing but something that releases energy slowly, such as porridge would be best
  • On the day of the exam remind them to listen to instructions carefully
  • Students must always follow the rules, failure to do so may result in disqualification
  • Finally - good luck to all our candidates!