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Click the image for Easter activities, including a daily challenge, or scroll down for your daily dose of Exercise, Mindfulness and Classic Literature as read by AGS Staff.

  • AGS Wellbeing Bingo - complete your board with family - can you get a photo a day? 

  • Deadline for entries - Wednesday 22nd April 2020 4pm. 

  • Send your completed bingo board and pictures to in order to be entered into the prize draw.  


You can find our term time work plan for each year group below if you want to catch up, stay in touch or get ahead - but please make sure you are taking time to rest, relax and re-charge.

  Year 7  |  Year 8  |  Year 9  |  Year 10   


Wake up / Work out - #PEwithJoe - Time to get the body and brain into gear


Mindful Midday - A video series to provide some #Headspace in the middle of a busy day


AGS Share A Story - One of our 50 books to read before leaving school

Watch back from the start here

Want more? Audible have a range of audiobooks freely available here

We've been incredibly impressed by the hard work of our students during the first two weeks of school closure. We are incredibly proud to see you building study habits that will benefit you long after we return. Please continue to feedback so that we can make improvements moving forward.

All students are encouraged to check this page and their school email addresses daily during term time, to receive regular updates.

Please select from the links above to access a home study plan for your year group. Information will be similar each day to provide clarity and routine, which is a key study strategy. You can find more useful information for parents here.