Business Studies and Health and Social Care

DSC_2494 Health & Social Care

"I chose this subject because I would like a career in this area, we cover topics such as P.I.E.S and the healthy eating plate."

Year 11 student

Business Studies

Business Studies gives students the opportunity to explore real life businesses - to look at the ways in which business target customers, advertise and cater for different needs of people. At Acklam Grange Business Studies is delivered with real life in mind.  Students research how real businesses work and their impact on our lives.   A must for students in the modern day is to be able to understand finance and the impact of finance, not only on a business but on themselves. Business Studies students learn about managing finances and the impact overspending can have on future plans.

Health and Social Care

Within Health and Social Care students learn and understand the values in care, the ways in which they can improve their health and wellbeing as well as simple things like being able to understand the nutritional content of the foods they eat. While this can be more practical and hands on, it provides students with a good understanding and knowledge set that allows them to study this subject further and achieve vital qualifications that would allow them entry into a job in the health and social care sectors.