Advice and Guidance for Current Year 11s

The information provided in the Advice and Guidance for Current Year 11s, will provide you with valuable research, where you can investigate your future in Post 16 education and training. 

Take this opportunity to do as much research as possible into different career routes, how you would like to complete your training; through A-level, T-level, Vocational Courses or Apprenticeships. 

Watch the post 16 provider videos to allow you to see where you would like to complete your education and training. What are your top 3 choices? 

Information from the Colleges, Sixth Forms and Training Providers will be provided and regularly updated on this page to ensure you have all the information. This information will be:

  • Prospectuses 
  • Open Event information 
  • Taster Day information 


I will be working closely with you in Year 11 to give you information, advice and guidance. You will have a 30 minute one to one appointment where your future goals will be discussed. I will also be based in the performance hall from 08:00 am – 08:30 am Monday – Friday. I can give advice and guidance and support with applications within this time. 

Please email me on if you need any further support 

Please meet your AGS Careers Team: