Advice and Guidance for Current Year 11s

Year 11 students please use the information on this page to support you with your transition into Post 16 education and training. 

You will find below information from all of the post 16 providers including how to access their bridging resources, any open day events and other important messages.   

Apprenticeship vacancies will also be posted below, with information on how to apply for them. 

Please keep checking these links on a regular basis to ensure you are fully prepared for your next step. 

If you are wanting any support with applications; interview preparation or want a careers interview with Miss Winter then she is available every afternoon. Please see your phased dismissal booklet or the links below for more information and how to book a slot. 

Miss Winter will continue to be available to support you, even once you have left AGS. She can be contacted on or the numbers below.