Preparation for new Qualifications

How we have been preparing for the new GCSEs?

This year sees the first teaching of the newly reformed GCSEs in Mathematics, English Language and English Literature to current Year 10 students who will sit examinations in the summer of 2017.

The reformed GCSEs are much more challenging than their predecessors:

  • Coursework has disappeared for all subjects and is to be replaced by 100% examinations in most subjects with the exception of Art, Dance, Drama and PE.
  • Examinations are going to be longer and the nature of the content has changed dramatically. For example, in English Literature, students will no longer be able to take an anthology into the exam to help them.  Instead they will be expected to remember key pieces of text from up to 15 poems, passages from three texts, one Shakespearean, a 19th Century novel and a modern text.
  • All subjects have been made more demanding in a bid to raise standards.

Our response:

  • In-depth planning and identification of the key skills our students need in order to be successful
  • Implementation of one curriculum spanning a five year key stage (replacing KS3 and KS4) designed to prepare students for what will be a rigorous set of examinations at the end of Year 11
  • Communication to students regarding the new grading system and target grades.