GCSE Physical Education - OCR

This course is for students with particular interest and ability in physical activity which covers a two year programme.

It enables students to participate in physical activity in a number of different types of sports and in different roles.  They are also required to apply their theoretical knowledge of anatomical, physiological and psychological demands of physical activity.

Aims of course

Students to be challenged and inspired within PE

To encourage creativity and decision making
To plan and respond to changes
To develop effective and safe physical competence
To foster enjoyment of physical activity


Theoretical units of work assessed via written exams (40%)
Written Coursework (10%)
Practical Performance (50%)

Important Note

All students opting for this subject must be prepared to take part in all lessons, both practical and written theory.  They must be fully organised with correct kit along with interest and enthusiasm.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular clubs which are on offer, and represent the school where appropriate.