Years 10-11

GCSE AQA Mathematics (subject to confirmation) NEW GCSE (9-1)

Mathematics GCSE is compulsory for all students at Acklam Grange School. The Mathematics curriculum at Key Stage 4 builds on the work completed in earlier years and develops it so that students leave the school with a full understanding of how Mathematics can be used in the home and the workplace.

At Key Stage 4 students are assessed for their GCSE through sitting an examination paper every half term on the topics covered up to that point in the year; gradually building confidence and understanding in the following areas:-

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape and Space
  • Handling Data 

The final GCSE examination will comprise 3 examination papers, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. Paper 1 is calculator not allowed and Papers 2 and 3 are calculator allowed. This is a new specification and the extra third examination is required to assess new content.

Examples of the new content are:

Higher: rates of change, kinematic equations, more emphasis on ratio and proportion.

Foundation: simultaneous equations, trigonometry, factorising and solving quadratic equations

These lists are not exhaustive. They are purely examples of some of the topics.

Students’ will no longer be given a letter grade for their final attainment. They will be allocated a number ranging from 1- 9. 1 being the lowest and 9 the highest.

Homework is issued each week and is due on the last Maths lesson of the following week.  Once a fortnight the homework will comprise of GCSE questions which students are expected to attempt, doing independent research on the questions they find challenging.

During lessons and as part of homework activities all students are encouraged to use mental arithmetic, calculators and computers. Practical equipment is also used with students of all abilities and students are encouraged to have their own equipment so that they are familiar with using them.

To be successful in Mathematics students will need to complete all the work set, reflect on any feedback or advice given, and attend revision/intervention sessions when appropriate and make use of websites such as:

Methodmaths - (
MyMaths - (
ConquerMaths - (
Mathswatch - (

Each student has their own login and password for each of the sites above and are available from their maths teacher.