Years 10-11

GCSE History A – AQA - Schools History Project

History is a very popular GCSE subject in which many of our students achieve excellent grades.  Students study history through the eyes of the people who lived at the time.  Students who do well in the course are usually interested in:

  • Debating and understanding why there are sometimes different, but equally valid, points of view on the same subject.
  • Finding out about how people’s lives have changed and how people in the past may have thought differently to us.

This course is split into three units. 

Many of our students enjoy History and they become much more aware of the world around them.  GCSE History is a solid basis for many ‘A’ Level subjects.  Students who do well in History often study higher qualifications in subjects such as politics, law, economics and sociology.  History also complements subjects such as English and Modern Foreign Languages.  Many people working in law and accountancy have studied History because of the skills that can be developed in reasoning and arguing your point.  There are also many areas more directly related to History, such as travel and tourism, museums, the media industry, libraries, government research, academic research and, of course, History teaching.

Unit 1 – Medicine Through Time

Unit 2 – Germany 1918 – 1945

Unit 3 – A controlled assessment that will be researched and then written up in the classroom.  This will involve a visit to Pickering Castle.