Years 10-11


Whatever your taste, if you love watching and talking about films then this GCSE is perfect for you. During this course you will have the opportunity to study and discuss films that you already know a lot about; films made in Hollywood and Britain. You will also have the chance to explore films which feature different people and places. You will learn more about how films are made and sold, and have the chance to experiment with the wide range of creative processes involved in making and marketing films.

What does the course consist of and how are you assessed?

Examinations - 50% of the final mark

There are two written exams.

Paper 1 is 1 hour 30 minutes long and focuses on one film genre. The genre for examination in 2017 is Superhero Films.

Paper 2 is 1 hour long and focuses on a film produced outside Hollywood, chosen from a list set by WJEC. The chosen film for examination in 2017 is Bend it like Beckham’.

Coursework - 50% of the final mark

You will produce:

  1. A textual investigation based on a film.
  2. A production piece and evaluative report. This is when you will have the opportunity to get creative!

Why study Film?

This course has been designed to build upon your own experience of film, as consumer and creator, and to encourage you to investigate and develop your understanding of the relationship between the film industry and film audiences. What is more, it can complement and deepen your understanding of other GCSE subjects such as English.

There will be the opportunity to use ICT throughout the course and study a variety of films.  However, this is not a passive activity so you should not expect to kick back and relax in lessons!