Years 10-11

English Language and English Literature
(New GCSE, Graded 9-1)

The English Department at Acklam Grange School teaches in a way that will develop a love of the English language and its literature in all students.

High priority is given to ensuring that student’s encounter a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction texts and are taught to communicate as effectively as possible through both the spoken and the written word.  They are taught to develop the skills necessary to respond critically and effectively to the variety of information that will be presented to them throughout their lives.

The English Department delivers courses in English Language and English Literature. 

The English Language and Literature courses are assessed as two year courses, both culminating in terminal examinations

GCSE English Language AQA (8700)

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop higher order reading and crucial thinking skills that encourage genuine enquiry into different topics and themes. Students will be expected to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and write grammatically correct sentences, deploying figurative language and analysing texts.

GCSE English Literature AQA (8702)

The course expects students to be able to develop knowledge and skills in reading, writing and critical thinking.