GCSE Drama

GCSE Drama - AQA

Practical Coursework 60%

Internally assessed and externally moderated

Drama is a complex subject and students will be expected to participate in the following options, each of which culminates in a final performance examination:

  • Acting
  • Improvisation
  • Theatre in Education
  • Devised Thematic Work

Written Paper          40%

1 hour 30 minutes – Externally set and marked

Students must answer questions on Practical work completed during the course and a choice of any one question based on the following sections:

  • Practical work completed in class
  • The study and performance of a scripted play
  • Response to live productions seen during the course


Throughout the course students will be expected to attend theatre productions in the area and to keep a journal of each performance attended.  Students will also be expected to audition for school productions and attend rehearsals after school for group work performances.


You will be expected to demonstrate your ability to:

Perform, Work with others, Analyse, Respond, Listen, Evaluate, Discuss, Organise, Review, Make Decisions, Be creative, Concentrate, Understand theatrical techniques

Not all Drama students will work or will even want to work in this profession.  Whichever career you decide to follow the skills you will learn in Drama will assist you, particularly with teamwork, decision making, communication skills and presentation skills.  Drama can help to build confidence and prepare you for the world of work.