BTEC Dance

BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Performing Arts: Dance

This qualification is designed for learners with an interest in the performing arts and Dance in particular.

This course consists of three modules:

Unit 01 Individual Showcase

In this unit students will consider how they present themselves to their audience to showcase their skills with confidence and clarity. Successful completion of this unit will require students to consider the skills necessary to showcase their abilities including completing applications and auditions.

Unit 02 Preparation, Performance and Production

In this unit students will learn how to develop a performance piece as a member of a fictional performance company. Students will take on a specific performing or production role and will prepare for, and produce, a performance by carrying out tasks that are appropriate to the role.

Unit 04 Dance Skills

In this unit students will develop their versatility as a dancer. As part of this development students will be encouraged to develop their physical skills to help them become a stronger and more flexible dancer. Students will explore and develop their dance skills in lessons where they will perform exercises and short sequences, before building up to a longer dance sequence. The unit will then culminate in a final performance where students will showcase their newly acquired skills. Students will be assessed on their ability to master new skills and how they apply them in the final performance. Not only will this unit focus on physical skills to support students technical development, students will also be encouraged to develop their interpretive skills, focusing in particular on how the selected dance style is performed and communicated to an audience. The aim of this is to hone their ability to interpret and convey a variety of styles and choreography to an audience.


Unit 1 is an externally assessed unit, set and marked by a representative of Edexcel. Units 2 and 3 require students to produce a portfolio of evidence which are internally assessed by teaching staff in school and externally moderated by Edexel.


This qualification supports progress to further study in the field of Performing Arts and Dance.

Studying Dance not only develops your skills as a dancer and choreographer, this subject also enhances skills in teamwork, concentration and creativity. It is also a great way of keeping fit, keeping toned and increasing your energy levels whilst you study.