Years 7 - 9

Assessment Process – Years 7-9

Following on from the scrapping of National Curriculum levels in 2015, Acklam Grange School implemented an assessment system for Years 7-9, based upon knowledge, skills and understanding and a student's ability to demonstrate these.  Rather than asking staff to decide whether a student is a level 4a or 4b teachers now record how well students have demonstrated their understanding against a set of key skills in each subject, specific to an age related expectation for a student's ability.


What it will look like for Students?

  • Students will continue to be taught knowledge and skills in line with their ability level and aspirations
  • The skills being developed during each unit will be made clear at the start of each unit and reviewed throughout via feedback and lesson planning
  • At an appropriate point, either during or at the end of the unit, student progress against these skills will be assessed via internal subject assessment tasks

What it will look like for Parents?

  • Students will no longer receive a ‘level’ via an academic report
  • Three times a year students will receive an academic report that states whether they are ‘above’, ‘on’, ‘working towards’ or ‘below’ the progress required against the key skills which will see them achieve an aspirational target grade.Parents will also receive grades for behaviour and effort.
  • Their progress and achievement will be determined by how well they are working towards key skills
  • Students’ progress in Years 7-9 is based on a student’s ability to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding against a set of key skills which your child will follow in order to achieve their Year 11 target grade. 
  • The key skills have been identified as fundamental building blocks on your child's journey towards their new 1-9 GCSE target grade in that particular subject.